Dear guest,

Our sanitization process provides for the safety of all the environments and the intensification of the measures of protection, allowing to maintain continuity of service and quality standards with the maximum total comfort and usability of the spaces compliance with current regulations.

“ Security protocols in ten key points “

1) Greater frequency in cleaning and sanitizing of all the rooms and areas of the hotel, with detergents 5% chlorine and 70% alcohol disinfectants with particular attention to the most                     manipulated surfaces and objects.

2) Pillowcases in sanitary non-woven fabric placed after every check-out.

3) Further daily sanitization of all rooms upon check-out with an innovative automated ozone system of Italian production, entirely managed and monitored via Android application that transforms oxygen in ozone avoiding the emission of nitric acid thanks to the Hepa H13 filters, it maintains the ideal quantity with ozone, temperature and humidity sensors

eliminating mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria even from fabrics such as curtains, mattresses

pillows and digitally converts ozone into oxygen making the room perfectly safe.

4) Columns with disinfectant on each floor,in the reception and in the breakfast room.

5) Protection of all workers with devices such as sanitary masks, gloves, wipes and disinfectant gels with complete programs of hygiene and prevention training.

6) Emptying the minibar to avoid contact with the products, if you want drinks

present in the list call n. 9 or contact the reception.

7) Sanitization and disinfection of keys on departure.

8) Breakfast served at tables, spaced at least 1 meter apart , with suspension of the buffet service and sanitizationof dishes and accessories with 90 ° dishwasherand 5% chlorine

based cleaner.

9) Entry in the elevator of a guest at a time excluding families and occupants of the same room

10) Quoted entrance to our garden with use of the swimming pool, of one person every  7 square meter after soapy shower                                               

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